The Quest for PACS

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The Quest for PACS

In this e-conference, we are searching for PACS in unexpected places. First, we will visit a community hospital in Monroe, LA., Glenwood Regional Medical Center. We will then travel to visit a critical access small hospital in a rural setting, Hardtner Medical Center in Olla, LA. We will also visit a major facility in Forth Worth to speak with Don Jollota and HIPAA expert Kris Knight to look for specific security and privacy measures and how they addressed these.
PACS Experiences in a Community Hospital
Various Speakers
Brit Systems Solution to Integrated Workflow
Shelly Fisher
PACS Challenges at a Critical Access Rural Hospital
Various Speakers
Practical Security and Privacy Tips
Don Jollota & Kris Knight
Cardiology PACS Integration and Challenges
Jan Carr
The Importance of IHE Cardiology Profiles
Herman Oosterwijk

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