RIS/PACS Integration

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RIS/PACS Integration

This conference was sponsored by SIEMENS Medical Solutions focused on the RIS/PACS integration. The presentations include presentations from seasoned consultants as well as from IT and PACS administrators from two different facilities, talking about their experiences on the RIS/PACS integration. In particular, there are presentations on PACS planning, RIS/PACS integration, the Integration of the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), Speech recognition, PACS image enterprise distribution, and additional vendor presentations from our sponsor of this event, Siemens, are included about their new product architecture.
RIS/PACS Planning Activities
Jim Maughan
RIS/PACS Experiences at Wyoming Valley Hospital
Nancy DeSando
RIS/PACS Image and Report Enterprise Distribution
Rik Primo
RIS/PACS and Integrated RIS/PACS
Sherie Giles
Introduction to IHE
Herman Oosterwijk
New IHE Additions and IT Infrastructure
Mike Henderson
RIS/PACS ROI at Bethesda Memorial
Fran Lutz & Tracy Legenos
Speech Recognition
Joe Marion
Services for RIS/PACS
Steve Wagman
RIS/PACS Workstation Functionality
Craig Hildestad
Integrated RIS/PACS
Don Taylor
RIS/PACS Storage Options
Rik Primo

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