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PACS RFP's and IHE XDS/XDSi Implementation Experiences

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PACS RFP's and IHE XDS/XDSi Implementation Experiences


Many institutions might forego the use of a PACS RFP for the purchase of their PACS system. Because of the scale of the investment, the fact that you will be married to a vendor for several years, and the fact that the effectiveness of a certain PACS system could vary dramatically depending on the vendor, the use of a PACS RFP is strongly recommended. The XDS and XDS-I integration profiles as defined by IHE are critical to enable the implementation of Electronic Health Records because they allow institutions to share their images and other patient information in a formal, standardized manner. These profiles are very new, and therefore we will share some of the early implementation experiences from the developers who have actually implemented this.

This 1 1/2-hour conference will explain the difference between a RFI and RFP, why a RFP is needed, the contents and approximate size of this important document and the importance of the XDS and XDS-I integration profiles as defined by IHE. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions during the conference using the chat feature. A 15 minute Q & A session will take place after each presentation.

Herman Oosterwijk, president of OTech Inc., has been involved with healthcare standardization for over 20 years and teaches and publishes extensively on this subject.

Michael Gray, president of Gray Consuliting, is a true PACS veteran and has been involved with PACS as a consultant since the early nineties and has assisted more than 50 institutions with their selection of the most effective PACS system.

Jagdish Moorjani, COO of CitiusTech, has extensive experience in healthcare technology development (including validation and testing services) and the distinction of co-founding one of the largest providers of cross-border technology and business process services.

PACS RFP's, DO We Still Need Them?
Michael Gray
IHE XDS/XDSi Implementation Experiences
Jagdish Moorjani

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