IHE: How to Prioritize and How to Validate

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IHE: How to Prioritize and How to Validate

The Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) has gained significant momentum during the past couple of years as a vehicle for imaging technology vendors and end users to ensure interoperability of their solutions and implementation. However, the process of implementing IHE could be challenging for both vendors and users. The IHE specification lists twenty different profiles for the radiology domain alone. Vendors face the dilemma of which ones to implement, i.e. how to prioritize among these, and a user has the challenge to first understand all of them, and then prioritize among them as well. There is a similar issue with validation. Vendors have to figure out the best way to validate their solutions for conformance with the IHE specification. End users must also perform a validation and acceptance test to ensure that their solutions are implemented correctly.

This 1-hour conference will discuss the most important IHE radiology profiles and advise vendors on which ones to implement first, and, identify the top priority list for a user. We will also discuss an approach to technically validate these profiles for vendors as well as users.

Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions during the conference using the chat feature. The last 20 minutes of the event will be devoted to answering these questions.

The speakers for this conference will be Herman Oosterwijk, president of OTech Inc. and Mr. Jagdish Moorjani, COO of CitiusTech. Mr. Oosterwijk has been involved with healthcare standardization for over 20 years and teaches and publishes extensively on this subject. Mr. Moorjani has extensive experience in healthcare technology development (including validation and testing services) and the distinction of co-founding one of the largest providers of cross-border technology and business process services.

Prioritization of IHE Radiology Profiles
Herman Oosterwijk
Validation and Testing of Radiology Profiles
Jagdish Moorjani

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