You are in Press Releases Medweb Introduces E-Visit for Patient to Provider and Inter-platform Collaboration at ATA 2014

Medweb Introduces E-Visit for Patient to Provider and Inter-platform Collaboration at ATA 2014

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Medweb Introduces E-Visit for Patient to Provider and Inter-platform Collaboration at ATA 2014Medweb Introduces E-Visit for Patient to Provider and Inter-platform Collaboration at ATA 2014San Francisco, CA and Baltimore, MD – May 19, 2014 – Medweb announced today at the annual meeting of the American Telemedicine Association (A.T.A) the launch of E-Visit,a new telemedicine application that lets providers connect seamlessly with their patients over smart phones, tablets, and web-enabled laptops and computers.

E-Visit virtual patient-to-provider collaboration addresses the need for community- and patient-based care.

E-Visit is a turnkey package that enables virtual triage and treatment workflows including virtual waiting room, E.M.R. integration, Call Center Management, and remote monitoring as a single platform.

It is available as both a cloud- and enterprise platform that allows hospitals, clinics, and medical offices to offer a wide variety of services, including virtual waiting room triage nurse with advance registration and scheduling for patients that request urgent care, post-discharge collaborative care, follow-up visits for labs, or primary consults for subspecialties like dermatology, etc.

 E-Visit can be combined with Medweb Follow up kits to provide remote monitoring as well as live video consults. The E-Visit platform has integrated HL7 messaging to send to an insurance exchange for billing or to a credit card authorization platform when a visit is completed.

The E-Visit virtual waiting room automatically retrieves the patient record from the hospital’s E.M.R and radiology systems as the patient calls in and displays that information alongside the live video consultation.  

It allows the E.R nurse to conduct an informed virtual triage and assign E.R priority.

The Scheduling tool offers a secure messaging feature that sends an alert to the patient’s phone informing them of their E.R appointment

The Medweb Call Center Manager also provides workload balancing across multiple clinical facilities so that they can more efficiently share clinical resources.

For example, clinicians in a quiet emergency room can assist with cases occurring in a busy emergency room across town.

Medweb developed the E-Visit and Follow-up kits to help remove barriers in the delivery of quality care and enhance the patient experience,

” says Peter Killcommons, M.D, President and CEO of Medweb.

“Technology such as tablets and smartphones are key enablers in the continued growth of telemedicine and the growing trend toward community- and patient-based healthcare. E-Visit provides increased quality and convenience to both the patient and provider, while also providing radically increased value for the payer and A.C.O.”

About Medweb: Medweb has been setting the industry standard for telemedicine for over 20 years with secure, innovative, and easy to use solutions for a variety of government, military, commercial, academic and humanitarian institutions.

The company’s integrated ecosystem of Teleradiology, Telemedicine, mobile health and Disaster Response IT solutions includes a diverse array of image and data acquisition, routing, storage and display technologies.

Medweb provides a scalable, patented web-based telemedicine server platform, fully customizable to meet the needs of clinical specialists and administrators.

Medweb has designed and implemented hundreds of security enhancements beyond those available on most traditional P.C.S. and telemedicine systems, seamlessly integrating the most advanced cyber security enhancements available.

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