Healthcare Delivery Game Changer

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cid 20F9EF62EF434C15BBEAD17761DCCDE4AlaaPCSingapore, March 27, 2014 – The 4th Mobile and Wearable Technology: Healthcare 2014 Conference will be taking place from 3 – 4 April 2014 in Singapore at the Park Royal Hotel.

The world of digital health is transforming the global healthcare landscape.

Mobile networks are the enabler of digital health while wearable technology is growing rapidly and is expected to be the next big wave in healthcare similar to that created by the smartphone revolution.

According to IHS, wearable technology and remote patient monitoring show bright outlook whereby telehealth services are currently forecast to serve 5 million patients worldwide and consumer medical devices are forecast to exceed OEM sales of $10 billion through 2017.

In a new assessment of the mobile healthcare market, ABI Research finds wearable wireless device revenues will grow to exceed $6 billion in 2018. McKinsey estimates that the cost of chronic disease treatment could be reduced by 10-20% through the use of mobile sensors, an economic impact of up to $2 trillion per year by 2025.

This Conference will convene the healthcare authorities, regulators, hospital providers, medical devices manufacturers, venture capitalists and healthcare professionals to discuss the issues and challenges with the emerging growth of mobile healthcare and wearables deployment.

Organizations represented at the Conference include: Ministry of Health (Singapore), Health Sciences Authority (Singapore), Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, Health Promotion Board (Singapore), A*STAR , National University of Singapore, National Institute of Public Health (Japan), Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (South Korea), Microsoft, PT Kalbe Farma Tbk, Industrial Medical Services, Nestle Singapore, Medic8,  Sanofi, UnitedHealth Group (USA), Landseed International Medical Group, Medtronic International,  Capital Investment Management (India), Celadon Health Ventures, The Propell Group, Tucker Medical, Continua Health Alliance, First Warning Systems (USA), SAP Asia Pacific & Japan, Celcom Axiata Bhd, Mylab, Nanyang Polytechnic and more.

One of the speakers, Dr Pramod Gaur, the vice chair of ATA (American Telemedicine Association's) mHealth Special Interest Group said: “I am very much looking forward to participating and learning innovations first hand and share my analysis of the legislative and regulatory debate that is taking place in the USA to the attendees of this conference.

Just a few days ago, South Korean Regulatory authorities announced that they will be assessing the latest Samsung Smartphone S5 and its heart rate monitor app before its projected market launch globally on 11 April 2014 and this shows the significance of a new regulatory framework for the new mobile and wearable devices.”

Zensorium, a Japanese MNC that is committed to empower individuals in elevating their quality of life is showcasing the latest sensors at the Conference.

The CEO of the conference organizing company, Magenta Global Pte Ltd, Singapore, Ms Maggie Tan, said: “Wearable Health is the game changer that will transform the landscape of healthcare. There has been a remarkable investment in wearable health space.

Hear about the issues confronting the industry first hand at this Conference.”

The Conference will be held at the Park Royal Hotel, Singapore.

About Magenta Global, Singapore - Organizer

Magenta Global is a premier independent business media company that provides pragmatic and relevant information to government & business executives and professionals worldwide.

The organization provides the opportunity to share thought-provoking insights, exchange ideas on the latest industry trends and technological developments with thought leaders and business peers. With a strong focus in emerging economies especially in Africa, Middle East & Central Asia, Central & South America, Magenta Global works in partnership with both the public & private sectors.

About Zensorium – Exhibitor

Incorporated in 2012 and part of a 95-year Japanese MNC, Zensorium is committed to empower individuals in elevating your quality of life. Our flagship product, Tinké, is a wholesome solution for your Fitness & Wellness.

The Zensorium Tinké is smart, simple and the only sensor that can measures 4 body parameters: Blood Oxygen Levels (SpO2), Rate of Respiration (breaths per minute), Heart Rate (beats per minute) and Heart Rate Variability within seconds, and simply from your finger. With Tinké, you can take a Vita Fitness measurement to understand your body status or a Zen Relaxation measurement to calm and know your inner self.

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