Successful Go-Live for CareCentric Embedded in EMIS Web

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Graphnet LogoJanuary 16, 2014 - Graphnet has successfully embedded its CareCentric electronic health record into EMIS Web.

This means that GPs using the EMIS system can access health and social care records from across the care community for the patient they are seeing, directly from their consultation screens and without logging onto a new system.

The system is now live in two GP practices and will be rolled out to several hundred more over the next 90 days.

The first go-live is at the Vitality Partnership, a super-partnership which provides integrated primary and secondary care services to over 50,000 patients from six sites across Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG, under a project supported by Central Midlands CSU.

This deployment allows GPs at the Vitality Partnership to call and view real-time patient data held by Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals at the touch of a button, within patient context, from their EMIS Web screens.

The CareCentric health integration engine, embedded within EMIS Web, pulls the information and displays it into a single shared care record.

Data available to the GPs includes all A&E, inpatient and outpatient activity, results and clinical correspondence.

“The significance is that we now get fast and painless access to full clinical information on a patient, literally with a single click.

This is an important part of the process of providing high quality integrated care to our patients”, a spokesman for the Vitality Partnership said.

Swift and convenient access to the shared record encourages GPs to use the record as an integral part of a patient consultation and helps in the planning of on-going care.

By providing more complete information and reducing the time spent casting around for information, CareCentric Embedded delivers important benefits in terms of the quality of care provided, patient safety and the efficiency of services.

Embedding CareCentric into EMIS and other systems is also an important step in the introduction of multi-agency shared care support.

Assessments, workflows and care pathways can be developed in CareCentric and then accessed and managed by clinicians across a health community.

Audit data shows that clinicians are more than twice as likely to use a shared record when it is embedded into local systems.

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