You are in Press Releases BRIT Systems to Image Enable New Peer Review and Consultation Capability on Radiolopolis Radiology N

BRIT Systems to Image Enable New Peer Review and Consultation Capability on Radiolopolis Radiology N

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cid image001 jpg01CEEA89DALLAS, TX, November 26, 2013 – BRIT Systems, Inc., announced today that it is partnering with Radiolopolis to image enable the launch of Consult Me, a new peer review consultation capability on the Radiolopolis Radiology Network.

Radiolopolis is a global community for radiology professionals that connects education, research, clinical practice and business.

For 20 years, BRIT Systems has provided leading image management and radiology IT solutions to hospitals, imaging centers and radiology groups.

As part of the partnership, Radiolopolis will utilize BRIT’s Roentgen Cloud and WebWorks viewer as the infrastructure to facilitate image viewing and sharing on the Consult Me consultation platform.

“With the launch of our new consultation platform, Radiolopolis will help expand the peer review capabilities of our members by securely sharing their reading expertise that resides across our community,” says Roland Talanow, MD, PhD, President of Radiolopolis and a radiologist at InnoMed, LLC.

“It is our hope that by image enabling Consult Me with Roentgen Cloud that we can break down the barriers across borders to peer consultation and communication, and help radiologists collaborate and support each other.”

Similar to other social networking sites, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, Radiolopolis has a community of over 13,000 radiologists and healthcare providers who offer or are affiliated with medical imaging services.

BRIT is honored to partner with Dr. Talanow and Radiolopolis to support a platform that will provide a seamless interaction between the radiology community to enhance their productivity and help promote a more confident diagnosis,” says Shelly Fisher, President, BRIT Systems.

“Our zero-footprint solutions are ideal for this type of collaboration.”

The new consultation platform will provide radiologists with an opportunity to obtain virtual peer review of difficult cases or provide other consultation as needed.

It will also include search options to help users find specialists or other members by name, location, specialty/expertise and other relevant criteria.

BRIT’s Roentgen Cloud provides an encrypted, secure method for sharing patient data; no data is saved on the recipient’s computer or workstation hard drive.

Both Roentgen Cloud and BRIT’s WebWorks viewer are 100% browser-based, FDA cleared and HIPAA compliant.

About BRIT Systems

BRIT Systems is a radiology IT company providing integrated solutions from image acquisition through report delivery that can be customized for virtually any healthcare environment, from clinics to healthcare systems and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs).

In addition to PACS/RIS and teleradiology, BRIT offers cross-enterprise medical image sharing, including zero footprint browser and mobile device viewers; server and cloud-based storage for reports and images; and enhanced communication and collaborative tools for clinicians.

About Radiolopolis

Radiolopolis is a subdivision of InnoMed, LLC, which is dedicated to promoting and enhancing education in the medical field.

Radiolopolis was founded in 2009 for the purpose of combining Radiology education, research and clinical practice in a social and interactive environment.

Currently, Radiolopolis’ membership includes over 13,000 medical professionals.

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