MR Imaging of peri-anal Fistula


Imaging of the peri-anal fistulas is markedly demanded recently to assess the clinical condition and per-operative assessment. As regards the ordinary radiographic examinations could not correctly evaluate the disease and provide the accurate classification needed by the surgeon, multiple tries with various techniques including ultrasound and computed tomography are done. Still, MRI has proved to be the best modality to assess the peri-anal fistulas due to its superior soft tissue differentiation and ability to provide full picture of classification that enable surgeons to perform better. In this lecture we would discuss all details of the perianal imaging assessment with concentration over MR imaging trying to provide you with the efficient radiological information to report any MR examination of the peri-anal fistula.

MR Imaging of peri-anal Fistula: Part 1

In the first part of our online lecture we would give an introduction of the peri-anal fistulization with description of its nature, causes and history of various radiological procedures done prior to the MR examinations.

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MR Imaging of peri-anal Fistula: Part 2

In the second part of our lecture after the introduction to the peri-anal fistula we would discuss the normal anatomical appearance of the peri-anal region using illustrated diagrams as well as MR images.

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MR Imaging of peri-anal Fistula: Part 3

In the third part of the online lecture we would go further into complicated details including classifications of the peri-anal fistulas either with illustrated diagrams and MRI examinations.

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MR Imaging of peri-anal Fistula: Part 4

In the fourth and last part of the online lecture at health-imaging-hub we will discuss multiple examples of the peri-anal fistula’s MRI examinations with clinical clues of how to reach the proper diagnosis.

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