You are in PORTALS Healthcare IT A new online portal offers reliable healthcare information source for Singaporeans

A new online portal offers reliable healthcare information source for Singaporeans

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Singaporeans will now have an easy access to a reliable health information healthexchangesource made specially to meet the healthcare needs of Asians. The health information source is a newly launched website portal, the (

The portal was launched and supported by SingHealth, the largest healthcare provider in Singapore, it offers a trusted and dependable channel for participants to meet their healthcare questions and concerns online through qualified healthcare professionals. In addition to exchanging information and reviews about healthcare needs.

Kathryn Ng, Director of Market Development, SingHealth, said “Singaporeans are increasingly concerned about their health and wellbeing, yet most lead very busy lifestyles with multiple roles at work and home. With the increasing pervasiveness of the Internet and the growing social media phenomena, we feel that the time is right for our very own, Asian-based online health resource to meet their needs as an ever-available, ever-ready platform. With our established reputation as a trusted healthcare provider, SingHealth is probably in the best position to develop a health portal to offer individuals quick access to relevant healthcare information and local expert opinions. Through this website, we hope to create a community that is more health-conscious, and at the same time, enable us to get a better feel of their needs and concerns, so we can continually improve our service offerings for patients.”

Singaporeans can now log on to Healthxchange’s “Meet the Specialists” section to get answers to their health questions in a very short period of time. This is an interactive section that presents a Question and Answer segment that is supported by a number of medical specialists from the SingHealth group, the one that has 9 healthcare institutions including Singapore General Hospital, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the Singapore National Eye Center.

Ms. Kathryn Ng added “We hope that users will take the opportunity to pose their healthcare concerns to our medical specialists and have them answered - for free. However, we must qualify that all information provided should never be construed as direct medical advise or treatment. It is meant as general rather than specific medical advice, which would require consultation and a physical examination. One should never ignore the advice of his or her own treating doctor,”

Moreover, Healthxchange aims to help Asians by offering them better understanding of health risks, using reliable information from local experts, the portal offers data about diseases that are usually prevalent in Asia such as colorectal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer and heart disease. All Singaporeans are welcomed to access Healthxchange, it was announced that the first 5,000 local participants who sign up with Healthxchange will be having a free gift after registration.

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