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Signove and AT4 Wireless Cooperate for Continua Health Alliance first complete Application Host

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Healthcare IT news Malaga, Spain – December 4, 2012, Signove has successfully completed the Continua Health Alliance certification at AT4 wireless laboratory for the Signove HM4A, an Application Host Device (AHD) supporting two wireless interfaces (Bluetooth® as a Personal Area Network interface (PAN), and 3G interface as a Wide Area Network (WAN)).

This certification has been performed at the AT4 wireless laboratory in Spain achieving this important milestone and being the first Continua certification in the World for a complete AHD manager with two interfaces: PAN interface for sensors interaction and WAN interface to communicate with health services providers. This achievement provides an end-to-end solution for health data transmission and processing. The recently certified AHD manager is supporting diverse specializations such as Blood Pressure Monitoring, Weighing Scale and Glucose Meter.

AT4 wireless is an international testing and certification network of laboratories for wireless communications devices. Its Worldwide network of testing centres conduct conformance, regulatory, interoperability, performance, applications, functional, carrier´s device acceptance and field trials testing to ensure that products meet the quality and safety standards required by both industry bodies, vendors, carriers and consumers.

“We are very satisfied with this achievement from Signove and successful completion of the first Continua Health Alliance certification in the World for a manager application with PAN and WAN interfaces: This is an important accomplishment for Continua Health Alliance certification demonstrating the hunger of the market for connected health applications” said Jose de la Plaza, Telecommunications Laboratory Manager of AT4 wireless.

AT4 wireless provided exceptional knowledge and support during the certification process. This was crucial to achieve Continua’s high standards” said Aldenor Martins, CEO of Signove

About Signove Tecnologia

Signove Tecnologia S/A is a Brazilian software company that offers research and development services in the areas of pervasive computing and embedded systems. Since its foundation in 2009, Signove guarantees international level of quality and excellence, supported by clients and partners all over the world. Having experience in large scale projects in connected health, being an active member of Continua Health Alliance and of Bluetooth SIG, Signove developed its main product: SigHealth Platform. SigHealth provides a complete infrastructure to enable connected health, as a credential of technical expertise and innovation in the areas of embedded systems and pervasive computing.

About AT4 wireless

AT4 wireless is a leading network of testing laboratories offering world-class services for carrier device acceptance, performance, conformance, regulatory, field, functional and interoperability testing as well as worldwide compliance and type approval consulting in over 200 countries.

AT4 wireless offers testing, consultancy, development and training services to a wide range of industries as telecommunications, automotive, health, consumer electronics and security around wireless and cellular technologies.

AT4 wireless offers one-stop testing and compliance services to the telecommunications industry, ensuring an efficient access to the global markets. AT4 wireless was founded in 1991, has more than 240 employees worldwide and supports customers globally with headquarters in Malaga, Spain, and testing laboratories in the United States, Taiwan and Chile.

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