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Viztek Debuts Meaningful Use-Certified Opal-EHR and Dynamic DR at RSNA 2012

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Healthcare IT news Radiology-Focused Opal-EHR Provides Integrated Patient and Physician Portal Platinum dRF Features 17” x 17” Panel Size and Elevated Float Top Table

Chicago, (November 25, 2012) – Viztek, the digital imaging solution provider, introduces at RSNA 2012 a ground-breaking Meaningful Use-Certified RIS that brings a full range of electronic health record (EHR) functionality to freestanding radiology clinics, while serving as a sophisticated RIS in hospital installations. Viztek also debuts its Dynamic system, a multi-purpose digital radiography and fluoroscopy solution that produces high-quality static mode DR images in as little as five seconds and offers a 17” x 17” panel that eliminates the need for rotation.


Opal-EHR achieves Complete EHR Certification for ambulatory care facilities, while in any setting enabling more effective management of schedules based on timeframes for insurance authorizations, procedure types and insurance company requirements.  Additionally, it provides fully integrated Ordering Physician and Patient Portals, exceeding the market standards for communication and accessibility.

Significantly enhancing the functionality of Viztek’s existing Opal-wRIS platform, the new Web-based application enables reading physicians to access all information and communications within the practice relating to their patients. Ordering physicians have the ability to request or view full patient records and exams electronically by simply logging into the system from any web-enabled device, rather than manually contacting providers.

Opal-EHR enables radiology facilities to streamline schedule management by predicting insurance authorization time windows based on procedure type and specific insurer policies.  The system can automatically delay exam scheduling if authorizations have not been received prior to a procedure date, relieving staff of delaying procedures after the patient's arrival at the office.

“For ambulatory facilities in particular, Viztek's Opal-EHR represents a significant change in the ability to streamline workflow and automate communications both within and beyond the enterprise.  The advanced, feature-rich new platform integrates seamlessly with Viztek’s Opal-RAD PACS and offers the major benefit of qualifying for Complete Meaningful Use certification,” said Steve Deaton, Vice President of Sales for Viztek.

Opal-EHR is a complete, fully integrated solution. We don’t rely on the modular, piecemeal approach that requires integration of third party applications and interfaces as do some vendors that only obtained modular certification. Viztek Opal-EHR comes standard with fully integrated patient and ordering physician portals that all exist natively within the application.  The solution also includes all new Meaningful Use measures, which can generate reports for long term patient trends, resulting in better diagnoses and more complete patient care.”

Opal-EHR’s Patient Portal provides access to radiology images and reports and allows patient downloads for consults and second opinions. The system also enables physicians to share cases with specialists electronically, eliminating the need for faxing or mailing information.

Viztek’s Dynamic System

Viztek’s innovative and versatile new Dynamic System manages a variety of fluoroscopy sub-types, including gastrointestinal, pediatrics, injections, tomography, arthrography, interventional radiography, urogenital, and DSA. In static mode, the machine delivers ultra-fast throughput of high-quality DR images in five seconds.  It offers the world’s most advanced DR technology and features a 17” x 17” panel that provides a large field of view and eliminates the need for panel rotation.

Supporting patients up to 584 pounds, the product can be lowered to an 18.9-inch horizontal tabletop height and offers 79 inches of patient coverage, minimizing  patient repositioning, while accommodating  long-leg imaging through auto movement and positioning.

“Our innovative product maximizes valuable imaging center real estate without compromising on exam quality or throughput,” said Bruce Ashby, General Manager of DR for Viztek. “With high image quality and ultra-fast patient throughput for radiography and fluoroscopy scans, the solution is ideal for replacing legacy systems.  The table height can be adjusted to a compact 3.15 inch vertical height, giving centers a flexible solution for maximum patient convenience. The system features automatic-stitching and is ideal for many different types of exams. It is specifically designed to offer outstanding patient care and comfort. For more information about Viztek’s healthcare solutions, visit

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