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Kaiser Permanente Releases a New Mobile App for Its Patients

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Healthcare IT news Kaiser Permanente, a leading provider of healthcare services, announced that 9 million of its patients are now having the ability to access their medical information records through a new app. The latter has been designed so that it allows access via mobiles.

The company introduced a new app for Android systems, along with other systems such as iPhone, which allow full access to the patient information record. A lot of data are now available on the internet for patients to review. For instance, 68 million lab test results, conducted in 2011, were available online for Kaiser Permanente patients. Kaiser Permanente patients have been already enjoying a number of e-services, for instance, 12 million e-visits were reported in 2011. In addition, patients have been able to email their doctors during the last 5 years. The company expects that with the new app, more patients will be using the company’s e-services.

George Halvorson, chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, said "This is the future of healthcare,” He continued “Healthcare needs to be connected to be all that it can be. This new level of connectivity is happening real time, and it is happening on a larger scale than anything like it in the world. The fact that a Kaiser Permanente patient in an emergency room in Paris or Tokyo can simply pull out their mobile device and have immediate and current access to their own medical information is an evolutionary and revolutionary breakthrough for medical connectivity."

Christine Paige, Kaiser's senior vice president of marketing and Internet services, added "Our members love our current connectivity tools," She continued "Now we will extend our entire connectivity toolkit for patients through a mobile phone. Our mobile-optimized site and app take connectivity to the next level by making the mobile experience easy and enjoyable. We believe that convenience, paired with a great user experience, will meet members' needs and will ultimately result in improved health and patient-physician relationships."

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