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Software Platform Desgined for Managing, Utilizing, & Sharing Image Data in the Treatment of Cancer

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A recent update of an oncology software platform equips physicians with a wide range of new tools that render the use of diverse types of images so much easier and automates time-consuming image-processing tasks that are critical to treating cancer with image-guided radiotherapy or radiosurgery.

Velocity software is designed to find a point of entry and amass unstructured treatment and imaging data from varied systems to demonstrate a broad view of a patient’s diagnostic imaging and treatment history, regardless of where they were treated or what technology was applied. The software allows clinicians to utilize oncology patient images and data to plan and assess treatment options, work in partnership with colleagues, and share clinical knowledge. By sorting out and systematizing patient data and making it accessible in one designated area, the Velocity software can aid healthcare professionals in making better, more knowledge based treatment decisions.

This newest Velocity software release also adds an array of new applications that make it simpler to merge images, measure and determine the probable impact of different doses of radiation on tumors, and normal tissues, automate several intricate image handling processes, and effectively utilize the program to communicate and cooperate with other with colleagues.varian medical

Varian Medical Systems (Palo Alto, CA, USA) acquired the Velocity software platform from a privately-held Atlanta, GA, USA, firm in April 2014. 

“We’re very pleased with how the integration process is going, and looking forward to sharing this latest Velocity release with Varian customers and others interested in our growing collection of tools for data-driven clinical decision making. The Velocity software product will be among the products highlighted within the Varian booth at the upcoming annual meetings of the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists [AAMD] and the American Association of Physicists in Medicine [AAPM] later this year," said associate vice president, imaging informatics at Varian, Tim Fox.

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