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JND is the acronym for Just Noticeable Differences.  This is the measure used to identify human visual perception.


JPEG is the acronym for Joint Photographic Experts Group.  JPEG specifies the compression methods standardized by I


Data compression is specified as part of the Transfer Syntax. DICOM used to support many different compression algorithm

JPEG 2000

DICOM used to support many different JPEG compression algorithms (eighteen in total). Unfortunately, too many options in


It has taken the industry several years to arrive at a set of standard wavelet algorithms.  As always with new tech


JPEG2000 Interactive Protocol (JPIP)Entry courtesy of Eric Goodall from the Google DICOM Protocols GroupThe heart of the

Just Noticeable Differences (JNDs)

Image display consistency is a major issue that could hamper the successful implementation of PACS using softcopy viewin

Abstract Syntax

In DICOM, an Abstract Syntax is a set of rules that are negotiated for exchanging objects. The Abstract Syntax identifie

Access Control

Technical safeguards deal with the implementation of the security measures in the infrastructure, such as the network, t

Access to Radiology Information (ARI)

The Access to Radiology Information (ARI) integration profile is part of the IHE Radiology Technical Framework.This prof

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