Cardiac Catheterization Workflow (CATH)

The Cardiac Catheterization Workflow (CATH) integration profile is part of the IHE Cardiology Technical Framework.

This profile establishes the continuity and integrity of basic patient data in the context of the cardiac catheterization procedure. This profile deals specifically with consistent handling of patient identifiers and demographic data, including that of emergency patient presentation where the actual patient identity may not be established until after the beginning of the procedure, or even a significant time after the completion of the procedure.

This profile also specifies the scheduling and coordination of procedure data across a variety of imaging, measurement, and analysis systems, and reliable storage of procedure data in an archive from where it is available to support subsequent workflow steps, such as reporting. This profile also provides central coordination of the completion status of steps of a potentially multi-phase (diagnostic and interventional) procedure.

Source: IHE Cardiology Technical Framework rev 2.1.

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