Color Consistency

Color consistency in display and print between different monitors and printers is achieved by methods similar to those used for grayscale consistency.

A device-independent color space is specified as part of the standard, and the output of the color transformation pipeline is defined in that space. Existing industry standard mechanisms in achieving device-independent representation of color are used.

Rather than directly encoding color pixel values in a device-independent space, they are defined by reference to an embedded color profile, as defined by the International Color Consortium (ICC). These ICC profiles define the transformation from the device-dependent space into the device-independent Profile Connection Space (PCS) defined by the ICC. The use of the ICC profiles avoids the need to define a DICOM-specific device-independent color space, and leverages the largely installed bases of support for ICC profiles in existing operating systems and non-medical image handling tools.

To achieve consistency, every DICOM color Presentation State contains a mandatory ICC profile. Additionally, an optional ICC profile is added to all the existing color image storage SOP classes, in order to allow the embedding of color consistency information without the need for separate Presentation States.

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