Cardiac Cath Report

Templates are a critical part of Structured Reports (SR); they create order for the infinite number of possible structures that one can create using the SR building blocks.

A group of SR templates, and resulting dedicated SOP Classes, is defined to record and exchange the information from a catheterization lab. The information objects are part of the effort to fully digitize and integrate data flow within and beyond the cardiac catheterization laboratory.

The cath procedure is an image-guided interventional procedure, involving the acquisition and analysis of images and waveforms, the administration of drugs and therapies and consultation and interaction between many medical disciplines. The cath lab is a multi-modality mix of many types of equipment from many different manufacturers. Integration of this mix involves various structured data interchanges in the cath lab. This structured data includes procedure logs, quantitative and qualitative measurements and clinical reports. It requires several specializations of the DICOM SR capabilities. One of these is the Cardiac Cath Report.

The Cardiac Cath Report provides the overall clinical results of the catheterization procedure. This report may be distributed to the Referring Physician, to the attending physician, to a surgeon or to a consulting physician. This broad use argues for its role as a general clinical report, and hence this supplement presumes that the Cardiac Cath Report will be encoded using the enhanced SR SOP Class and the template defined herein instead of having its own SOP Class.

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