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Cardiac Catheterization Workflow (CATH)

The Cardiac Catheterization Workflow (CATH) integration profile is part of the IHE Cardiology Technical F


Cardiology (the medical specialty concerned with treatment of the heart) is the 2nd specialty after radiology which is a


CCOW is the acronym for Clinical Context Object Working Group.  It is the HL7 standard for exchanging context.As wi


CDA stands for Clinical Document Architecture (previously also known as PRA -Patient Record Architecture, which is part

Hardcopy Image

One cannot just take the pixel data from a DICOM image object, such as a CR image, and send it to the printer. In fact,


HCF is the abbreviation for a Health Care Facility.  These facilities may include hospitals, clinics, and other ent


CDA stands for Clinical Document Architecture, which is specified in the HL7 domain. It functions as a longitudinal

Chapter 2 of the HL7 Standard

Chapter 2 of the HL7 Standard contains rules that are used by originating systems to build messages and by destination s

Charge Posting (CHG)

The Charge Posting (CHG) Integration Profile is part of the IHE Radiology Technical Framework.This profile specifies the


SIIM is recognized as an unbiased, expert source of information and leader in the field of Imaging Informatics. SIIM has

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