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Thumbnail imageUrethral Stricture
Urethral Strictures and filling defects caused by:


  • Gonococcal: Most common, 40% of all strictures in US; most common in bulbopenile urethra. Radiographic features beaded appearance, retrograde filling of glands of Littre
  • TB: fistulas result in “watering can” perineum


  • Instrumentation: e.g., TURP
  • Catheters (long, irregular, penoscrotal junction)
  • Injuries: straddle injury (bulbous urethra), pelvic fracture (prostatomembranous urethra)

Tumor (rare)

  • Polyps (inflammatory, transitional cell papiloma)
  • Malignant primaries: TCC (15%), SCC (80%)
  • Prostate cancer

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