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Case Studies

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Lothian NHS Board, United Kingdom Lothian NHS Board, United Kingdom

Date added: 03/02/2010
Date modified: 09/01/2010
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TrakCare Provides Connected Care for Every Patient at NHS Lothian

Lothian NHS Board (Lothian) operates four main acute hospitals – the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, the Western General Hospital, the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, and St. John’s Hospital – plus primary and community services for a population of 800,000 in and around Edinburgh, Scotland. In a typical year, Lothian generates 137,000 inpatient admissions, 551,000 outpatient attendances, 170,000 accident and emergency (A&E) attendances, 105,000 day cases, 480,000 radiology exams, and 8 million laboratory tests.

Date added: 03/02/2010
Date modified: 09/01/2010
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Major Hospital in Prague Relies on InterSystems Technology to Make Applications More Valuable

The Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) in the Czech Republic is a leading transplantation, cardiology, and science center. In 2003, they built a medical information portal, based on InterSystems Caché®, which has since evolved into a central system for managing clinical data and investigations. The system is called Zlatokop, and it is a good example of an application that has been made more valuable by utilizing InterSystems technology.

InterSystems Ensembleis Engine of Growth for Inland Imaging InterSystems Ensembleis Engine of Growth for Inland Imaging

Date added: 03/02/2010
Date modified: 09/01/2010
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Inland Imaging, based in Spokane, Washington, employs more than 600 people, including 65 radiologists and 8 vascular surgeons, in its three business units operating in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Arizona. Inland Imaging Associates is a radiology reading service.

Inland Imaging LLC runs diagnostic centers in four states. Inland Imaging Business Associates provides information technology services to the rest of Inland Imaging and external clients.

Date added: 03/02/2010
Date modified: 09/01/2010
Filesize: 134.68 kB
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Healthpac Modernizes MultiValue Application with Caché

Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc. ( of Savannah, Georgia makes and sells billing systems to hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices.

Healthpac’s willingness to customize their solution to their clients’ needs has led to a steadily growing list of large sales opportunities. But to compete for those larger opportunities, Healthpac needed to modernize their D3-based “H2003” application.

In particular, they wanted a browser-based user interface, and ODBC data access so that the application can be queried by commonly used reporting and analysis tools.

Molinette Hospital, Italy Molinette Hospital, Italy

Date added: 03/02/2010
Date modified: 09/01/2010
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9 Million Saved and Reimbursement Increased atMolinette Hospital with TrakCare

San Giovanni Battista Hospital (Molinette), a 1,300-bed facility in Turin, Italy, is using TrakCare to successfully meet the challenges of providing top-tier healthcare while lowering costs.

Molinette treats approximately 57,000 inpatients annually, and about 15,000 ambulatory patients on average receive care every day. One of the largest hospitals in Italy, Molinette is where about 300 patients come annually for organ transplants.

The combination of size and complex care delivery means that the hospital must maximize the value received from every technology investment.

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