Self-Care and Healthcare Workers

We often see healthcare workers and professionals devoting so much of their time and energy to treat patients. We also believe that such devotion is a good way of improving patients’ care. Recent studies by Case Western Reserve University, however, prove otherwise. Self-care for social workers and healthcare professionals is a trait that must never be neglected. Naturally, we can’t really care for others when we don’t fulfil our needs and feel positive about our lives too.

The studies also reveal that practicing gratitude is a great way to start improving self-care. The simple things you can do to express gratitude have a major impact on how you feel about yourself. Gratitude leads to positivity, better sleep, more positivity and a higher ability to connect with others. As a result, practicing gratitude will also help you become a better healthcare professional.

Learn more about how you can become a better healthcare professional from the Social Worker and Self-Care infographic by


Online Social Work Degree at Case Western Reserve University

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