RSNA2010, What is going to happen?

and has been one of the rapidly progressing branches of medical practice. The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) is going to organize its annual meeting (), next November in Chicago, in order to discuss the latest advances and major challenges facing radiology practice. It is clear that the introduction of new technologies in radiology and medical imaging has resulted in development of new generations of imaging systems. RSNA2010 is going to discuss the latest innovations in medical imaging systems, in addition to highlighting the most recent products manufactured by medical imaging companies at the RSNA2010 exhibition. Moreover, since Information Technology (IT) has been significantly contributing in the enhancement of radiology and medical imaging procedures, RSNA2010 will include various session discussing the role, new applications, and obstacles hindering the use of IT in radiology practice.

Furthermore, RSNA2010 continues to play its traditional role in providing radiologists and radiology students with educational content that help them in improving their levels. The educational material is not only provided through presentations and lectures but also through interactive sessions and workshops that aim to promote the practical skills in participating audience. RSNA2010 also includes sessions that discuss medical imaging of particular organ or region in the body, for instance, there are sessions discussing head and neck disorders and how to image them, other sessions highlight imaging techniques in cardiovascular, genitourinary, and musculoskeletal systems. Moreover, realizing the international efforts aiming to reduce exposure to medical radiation, RSNA2010 includes several session that discuss radiation dose reduction, especially on patients with higher risks such as children. Since radiology is divided into two main branches, diagnostic and therapeutic, RSNA2010 includes sessions that discuss the latest in radiotherapy techniques, their indications, dose adjustments and plans. The event also features a number of sessions dedicated to discuss the increasing role of IT in radiology, and how to promote communication between radiologists and IT staff members at hospitals and clinics to ensure better levels of provided services.

Another important advantage RSNA2010 is going to offer is that it allows the attending radiologists, who come from all over the world, to interact between each other. They will have a chance to discuss their personal experiences with their colleagues and will be able to extend mutual cooperation between each other. All the above mentioned benefits make RSNA2010 a highly useful and interesting event to attend !

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