You are in Press Releases The Walton Centre to become first UK site to install Artis Q interventional technology from Siemens

The Walton Centre to become first UK site to install Artis Q interventional technology from Siemens

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The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust has become the first site in the UK to invest in the newest radiology" href="/tag/interventional-radiology.html">interventional radiology innovation from Siemens Healthcare.

The Artis Q biplane system, due to be installed later in the year, will provide the hospital with the latest technology to support the diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions and injuries.

As one of the main specialist neurosciences NHS Trusts in the UK, the site is using the system in its work to offer patients a world class-service in neurology.
The Artis Q for interventional imaging is a visionary breakthrough in X-ray generation and detection that takes performance and precision to the next level.

The Q biplane was chosen due to its excellent image quality following comprehensive evaluation of other systems available on the market. With its ability to visualise tiny blood vessels and devices, it will allow clinicians to provide a highly accurate service for complex neurological conditions.

The system offers a range of advanced applications to support diagnosis, guidance and treatment during complex procedures. The high dynamic range of the new detector is specifically important for excellent soft-tissue resolution during syngo DynaCT (3D imaging).

"As a highly specialist facility, we are dedicated to providing our patients with state-of-the-art facilities for the treatment and diagnoses of neurological conditions," states Dr Sacha Niven, Clinical Director of Neuroradiology at The Walton Centre.

"The Artis Q biplane from Siemens Healthcare will future-proof the hospital's interventional radiology department, providing us with the very latest advances in imaging technology."
The device uses a unique GIGALIX flat emitter instead of coiled filament traditionally found within X-ray tubes, allowing the lowest appropriate dose to be achieved plus provide fine focal spot sizes and grid pulse technology.

The system entails a unique water cooled 16-bit detector, which provides 4 times the depth resolution, when compared to conventional 14-bit detectors resulting in enhanced soft-tissue contrast.

The system also provides optimum access to the patient’s head due to its two isocentric positions enabled by the floor rotation point with a motorised swivel.
John Brady, Regional Sales Manager at Siemens Healthcare states,

"The Walton Centre prides itself on providing its patients, which come from all parts of the UK, with the latest innovative technology. Along with providing excellent image quality which captures the finest detail, the Artis Q biplane also offers a special orthogonal position which enables easy access to the patient’s head for complex neurological procedures under anaesthesia.”

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