You are in Press Releases InHealth Transforms Community-based Services with Ten New Ultrasound Systems

InHealth Transforms Community-based Services with Ten New Ultrasound Systems

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cid image004 jpg01CF5FA9SIEMENS, UK, April 24, 2014 - InHealth Group, providers of expert diagnostics and healthcare solutions for NHS and private patients throughout the UK and Ireland, has achieved improved imaging results following the installation of ten mobile and portable ultrasound systems from Siemens Healthcare.

Patients for non-obstetric ultrasound services will be seen faster than ever before, ensuring vital treatment such as muscoloskeletal and vascular procedures are provided as rapidly as possible. 

“We are very pleased to have this advanced ultrasound technology from Siemens Healthcare in place as enhanced images mean better diagnoses for our patients,” states Mark Dolan, Mobile Imaging Services Manager at InHealth.

“Our Sonographers have already noticed a significant improvement in image quality in comparison to the systems that were previously used.

We eventually hope to replace all our systems to further gain from reduced imaging times."

The ACUSON X300™ and portable P300™ systems will be used for the provision of community-based ultrasound services.

Five ACUSON X300 ultrasound systems have already been installed in InHealth’s Diagnostic Centres across London, in Waterloo, Ealing and Stratford and also in their clinic in Kentish Town.

In addition, five portable ACUSON P300 systems are being utilized to support community-based imaging by GPs throughout London and to support local hospitals, treatment centres and training as required.

“The market for mobile ultrasound solutions has rapidly evolved and as such we selected Siemens Healthcare’s solutions based on three criteria: ergonomics, image quality and the support offered, ” adds Mark Dolan.

“From an RSI perspective, ergonomics was very important to us, as was having confidence in the system.

Siemens has greatly assisted through a smooth transition and dedicated IT and application support. The systems are both very user-friendly with plug and play functionality and are ideal within a high turnaround, multi-site environment. We have been very impressed with the technology so far.”

“We are pleased to have been selected to supply these ten ultrasound systems to the InHealth Group and with the positive feedback received,” states Bernadette Leonard, UK Business Manager at Siemens Healthcare.

“Siemensmobile ultrasound solutions are designed to support patients with the most effective and rapid treatment wherever and whenever needed. It is good to know that the new systems are providing improved imaging results for InHealth and have already led to a reduction in scanning times for patients.”

With its advanced ErgoDynamic design, the ACUSON X300 helps minimize sonographer scanning discomfort with a fully adjustable 15-inch flat panel display and large onscreen fonts reducing eye strain and improving readability.

The ACUSON P300 ultrasound system is a compact and portable device for a wide variety of clinical settings that integrates high-performance hardware and software and offers 13 multi-frequency transducers for high clinical versatility.

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