You are in Press Releases Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust Installs Six ACUSON S1000s in System Overhaul

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust Installs Six ACUSON S1000s in System Overhaul

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cid image010 jpg01CF4D9BSIEMENS, UK, April 1, 2014 - Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust has enhanced clinical confidence by installing six ACUSON S1000TM ultrasound systems from Siemens Healthcare in its hospitals.

The installations are part of a planned system overhaul to re-equip the Ultrasound Department with systems capable of delivering excellent quality images and improved workflow.

Three of the systems are being utilized at City Hospital, with the other three in use at the Queen’s Medical Centre, alongside an ACUSON P300TM compact portable ultrasound system which has also recently been installed.

The ACUSON S1000 systems are being used for various procedures including antenatal, gynecological and vascular, as well as scanning a variety of patients including bariatric and geriatric.

The S1000 features syngo® Auto OB measurements, reducing keystrokes in routine fetal exams by generating semi-automatic biometric measurements.

Combined with eSieScanTM workflow protocols, the system helps to increase exam consistency and frees staff from repetitive tasks associated with tracing and measuring.

This in turn provides an ergonomically safe procedure expected to help prevent staff injuries.

The ACUSON P300 is a portable ultrasound system with a small footprint that makes it easy to store and move to the patient’s side so scanning can take place on the ward. It is mainly being used for post-operative surveillance and diagnostic purposes.

The P300 also features advanced image optimization tools such as panoramic imaging, speckle reduction and spatial compounding. These optimize the imaging data automatically to improve diagnostic confidence and support efficient clinical workflow.

“We are very pleased with the installation of six ACUSON S1000 systems and a P300 from Siemens Healthcare, all which deliver excellent quality images.

Following a trial of a number of technologies, these proved to be the systems best suited to our needs,” states Kathryn Manderson, Superintendent Ultrasonographer at Nottingham University Hospitals. “The S1000 is the best on the market ergonomically, has increased staff safety and we anticipate it will help to minimise injury risk in the future.

Due to the system’s fast image acquisition time, we have also been able to increase patient throughput.”

“We are delighted that the Trust has chosen to install six ACUSON S1000 systems, and a P300 from Siemens Healthcare.

The systems are already facilitating increased patient throughput and are helping to improve departmental workflow,” states Peter Downing, Regional Sales Manager at Siemens Healthcare.

“We look forward to offering the hospital continued support in making the most of the versatile applications the technology provides, suitable for a range of hospital settings.”

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