You are in Press Releases Mammography Reporting System to Showcase Aspen Breast atNCoBC2014

Mammography Reporting System to Showcase Aspen Breast atNCoBC2014

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cid AF1ED066A0474D46B916163DE18CD254AlaaPCSeattle, WA, March 18, 2014 (PRWeb) - Mammography Reporting Systems (MRS), the leading provider of breast imaging tracking and reporting systems, will be showcasing its next generation software solution, Aspen Breast, at this year’s NCoBC conference.

Aspen Breast software, which is on targetto be released for commercial distribution in Summer 2014, is a completely re-imagined and re-engineered product that combines over 27 years of industry experience and marries that experience with the latest software technologies.

MRS has spent fouryears, nearly 100,000 man-hours, and millions of dollars in R&D to build a product that meets the needs of its customers, and the industry as a whole.

Out of the box, Aspen Breast is loaded withmany powerful tools specifically designed to streamline breast imaging facilities’workflow and raise the benchmarks for the breast healthcare reporting and tracking industry.

Aspen Breast is a feature-rich system with robust role-based functionality designed to optimize facility operations.

The highly detailed level of control over all aspects of the program allows users, sites, and systems to build their own customized workflows.

Aspen Breast Delivers:

A Contemporary User Interface with tabbed browsing and intuitive navigation.

The Latest Technologies utilizing Microsoft .NET, WPF,and the latest programming languages.

Robust security and auditing internally build on the power of Microsoft Server and SQL Server.

Workflow configurations can be individually customizable through system, site, and user settings.

Rapid ROI from add-on pieces, such as the web patient and referring clinician portal(Secured AccessTM).

Enhanced productivity tools designed to promote efficiency andeffectivenesswith lower operational costs.

The consistent safety and reliability which is the hallmark ofall MRS products.

Aspen Breast is the greatest product we have created.

Through thewhole period of design, development, test, and even before, we have listened intently to many outstanding radiologists, technologists, administrators, and IT departments from all over the worldwho use MRS 6 and MRS 7.

From the beginnings of the Aspen project, we wanted to give those breast imaging professionals a product they wanted – and deserved.  With Aspen Breast, I believe we have achieved that,”said Mark Morris, President and CEO of MRS.

“I also must congratulate – and thank – the outstanding and dedicated team at this company (MRS) that develops, tests, sells, trains, and supports our products.

Every individual on our team has been intimately involved with the development of Aspen Breast, and I could not be more proud of them and the visionary product they have developed.”

About Mammography Reporting Systems:

Mammography Reporting System (MRS) is the most widely used tracking & reporting system in the world for all breast-related procedures, including mammography, MRI, Ultrasound, and Nuclear Imaging.

MRS promotes efficiency and effectiveness in any workflow by offering features such as automated patient lay letters, problem case tracking, and statistical risk models that help optimize work-flows and contribute to quality patient care.

MRS’s success is based on an unparalleled patient communication package and accurate calculations of statistical reports. With over 27 years in business, MRS is constantly innovating and improving its products in order to better service the needs of customers and their facilities.

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