cid FC3D4184AA5A4D799DD6AFFCA5C8091FAlaaPCSIEMENS, UK, September 23, 2013 - Wishaw General Hospital, part of NHS Lanarkshire in Scotland has recently installed a SOMATOM® Perspective from Siemens Healthcare.

The system is Scotland’s first and is expected to increase CT capacity in addition to expanding the number of low-dose procedures conducted at the hospital.

The Perspective, alongside an existing Definition AS system from Siemens, is assisting with a general CT scanning workload such as head and chest procedures and is helping to meet increased demand for CT-related services.

The SOMATOM Perspective is a high-end CT system designed to fuse innovative technology with financial efficiency.

Dose levels are kept to the minimum levels required with SAFIRE, Siemens’ raw-data based iterative reconstruction.

The unique eMode helps to reduce wear and tear to the system and potentially expand its life span.

The system is also designed to operate as efficiently as possible with less air conditioning and operating power required.

The ergonomic design and thin gantry require just 18m2 of floor room, matching the hospital’s optimal space requirements.

“We are pleased to be the first hospital in Scotland to be using the SOMATOM Perspective and it has been straightforward to operate with minimal applications training required,” states Lena Michie, CT Superintendent Radiographer at Wishaw General Hospital.

“The new system has enabled us to increase capacity and provide an even better standard of care to existing patients.

We look forward to extending its use to new procedures in the future such as virtual colonoscopy.”

“We are glad to bring the high-end Perspective CT system to Wishaw General Hospital, where it sits alongside an existing Siemens CT scanner, the Definition AS,” states James Weir, Regional Sales Manager at Siemens Healthcare.

“The system is not only helping to boost capacity, but is designed to keep wear and tear to a minimum, ensuring it will provide vital support to the department’s core CT capabilities in the years to come.”

The system was installed as part of a Siemens Managed Equipment Service partnership with Summit Healthcare, where it takes care of the maintenance, provision and ongoing replacement of all imaging equipment over the lifetime of a contract.