You are in Press Releases Siemens Healthcare MR Installation Delivers Diagnostic Confidence at Spire Little Aston

Siemens Healthcare MR Installation Delivers Diagnostic Confidence at Spire Little Aston

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Spire Little Aston, of the Spire Healthcare Group, in Sutton Coldfield has installed a MAGNETOM® Aera 1.5T MR system from Siemens Healthcare. The hospital is now using the system, which replaces a previous generation Siemens MAGNETOM Symphony, for a wide range of MR imaging including neurological, orthopaedic, routine abdominal and cardiac services. The Aera features a 70cm Open Bore with a short system design for high patient comfort and ease of access and has helped patients with claustrophobia at the hospital. The technology improvements delivered with the system have led to increased productivity and throughput, with its excellent image quality delivering diagnostic confidence among staff.Siemens Healthcare Spire Little Aston MAGNETOM Aera installation HR

The MAGNETOM Aera’s advanced post-processing capabilities automate many clinical steps, assisting workflow while maintaining image quality. The system features TimTM 4G (Total imaging matrix) and DotTM (Day optimising throughput) technology integration for high resolution imaging, enhanced productivity and efficiency. DirectRFTM provides excellent RF signal purity and stability to deliver the best possible image quality. The system also features 48 RF channels as standard and lightweight coils to give radiographers the flexibility to personalise examinations for patients based on their condition and clinical indication.

“We are very pleased with the performance of the MAGNETOM Aera, which has had an immediate impact in terms of throughput and patient acceptability since its arrival. In addition to its superb quality, the images from the system are quick and reproducible, giving diagnostic confidence to the radiologists and cardiologists that use it,” states Debbie Williams, Diagnostic Imaging Manager at Spire Little Aston. “The response from repeat patients has been universally very good, with everybody describing it as a much nicer experience thanks to the system’s wide, yet short, bore. This has reduced claustrophobic reactions from patients, making them comfortable, whilst increasing productivity.”

“It is clear the performance of the MAGNETOM Aera has delivered instant benefits for the staff and patients at Spire Little Aston Hospital,” states Vince Golledge, Regional Sales & Corporate Business Manager at Siemens Healthcare. “In addition to effective patient comfort and throughput enhanced by its use of Tim 4G and Dot technologies, the system offers superb image quality across the broad spectrum of applications. We are pleased the anticipated benefits of the system have been immediately met.”

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