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Claron Technology Debuts Version 2.0 of Withinsight Framework (WIF) for Medical Imaging Applications

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Healthcare IT news Toronto, October 12, 2011--Claron Technology, Inc., a leading developer of software for advanced visualization and analysis of medical images, debuts version 2.0 of Withinsight Framework (WIF), a powerful platform for the acceleration of medical image visualization applications. This next generation solution provides enhanced features and functionalities that now address the full range of imaging modalities, offer richer user interfaces with multiple modes of interaction and answer specific partner requests for enhancements.

Highlights of WIF 2.0 include a migration to the C# programming language, delivery of faster and higher quality rendering, registration and segmentation of images and built-in support for cloud-based image viewing.

Zero-footprint applications that can be efficiently controlled using a multi-touch user interface are all but certain to become commonplace across the radiology and healthcare enterprise. This is a radical change in architecture, which will be challenging for many medical imaging software providers. With this release, we have taken the first steps in enabling our customers to make the transition more easily,” says Doron Dekel, co-CEO of Claron and architect of WIF. “Our rapidly evolving and diversifying Nil family of applications is a showcase of how WIF 2.0 supports mobile and cloud-based products. But, this is just the beginning.”

Commercially introduced in 2008, the WIF platform accelerates development of a diverse range of specialized medical imaging software by facilitating such computer tasks as automation of segmentation, registration and abnormality detection as well as controlling multiple data volumes and clipping and colorizing spatial regions. The platform is becoming increasingly powerful and versatile as the user and applications base expands. The number of companies using or developing applications on WIF has doubled in the past two years to more than twelve.

“The latest WIF release is faster, more robust and supports more than 10,000 functions. Today, it could easily be used to design rich and powerful systems, such as an entire PACS or an advanced visualization workstation,” says Claudio Gatti, Claron co-CEO. “Most of our users, however, are vendors of specialized imaging applications that benefit from WIF components that accelerate specific aspects of their development process. To date, applications built on the platform have ranged from specialized automated processing engines to clinical applications for analysis of breast MRI, lung CT and ophthalmology. They also include programs providing therapy guidance, for example, for neurology ENT and spine.”

Dekel points out that WIF, which is provided to customers as source code, has been ported from Visual Basic to C# because use of the C# language is much more prevalent in the medical imaging community. Other new enhancements include expanded support for images of all modalities, expanded segmentation methods, faster elastic registration, faster higher quality volume renderings and richer support for extracting, manipulating and rendering polygonal surfaces.

Withinsight Framework is the only platform of its kind meeting the specialized needs of the medical imaging IT community and is the cornerstone of our firm’s own software development,” says Gatti. “This latest release with all its new features and benefits demonstrates our long-term commitment to continual upgrade and expansion of the platform for the benefit of all our end users,” comments Dekel.

About Claron Technology, Inc:

Claron is dedicated to the application of image processing technology in medicine.  It has extensive experience in developing systems that help clinicians identify anatomy and tissues of interest, visualize and analyse them, and safely navigate their instruments during surgical procedures.  Claron helps healthcare vendors, ranging from young start-ups to large multi-national device and IT vendors deliver more value to their clinical customers faster by incorporating its technology into their products.  Claron's technology is licensed in a range of formats, including low-level modules, platforms, sub-systems, applications and custom engineered exclusive solutions.  For more details, please visit

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