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Cabrini Doctors in Melbourne More Mobile with New iPad app

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Healthcare IT news Sydney - 9 June 2011 - A new iPad app is enabling doctors at Cabrini Health in Melbourne instant access to patient results and critical information at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere, inside or outside the hospital, using a new application by eHealth engineer iSOFT.

In early May 2011, more than 50 doctors began using the purpose-designed interactive iSOFT Mobility Suite to view and update their patients’ clinical and administrative information including patient notes, X-rays, scans and blood test results. The first hospital in Australia to use the iSOFT Mobility Suite, Cabrini’s clinicians have embraced the new technology specifically designed for the iPad touch screen environment. 

Associate Professor Simon Woods, Executive Director Medical Services, Cabrini Health, and colleagues worked with iSOFT for several months to tailor the app. “The most obvious and immediate benefit we’re seeing is much faster and more convenient access to information for clinical decision making, which means we can provide even better care for our patients and their families,” Woods said. “Having the device in our hands is also giving us improved communication with patients and families because we can now show results and images on the iPad and discuss it with them on the spot.”

iSOFT managing director James Rice said the demand for mobility of patient records using iPads and iPhones was being driven by doctors needing more immediate access to critical information. “We have taken the latest mobile technologies and married them with healthcare industry needs, providing the sector with a more pragmatic and incremental approach to supporting clinician needs,” Rice said.

“The iSOFT Mobility Suite draws together information from many different sources within the hospital, saving time and creating better efficiencies for doctors and hospital staff; crossing from imaging to pathology to administration and even tracking patients as they move around the hospital for tests or an operation.”

The medical workforce is very mobile; one doctor can have patients in different wards and different hospitals. When away from the hospital or on call, they can now access the patients’ record themselves, rather than relying on information relayed by email or phone and avoiding miscommunication. This means treatment decisions can be made anywhere there is a mobile signal or wireless network.

Privacy is protected through secure encrypted wireless connections with WiFi or 3G, while the information continues to be stored on the hospital’s system, even when accessed remotely. The system tracks the users to identify which records have been accessed. “Of course our doctors are very familiar with the privacy and ethical issues related to access to confidential medical information,” Simon Woods said. “While this technology makes access to the information much easier, the privacy issues are nothing new to our staff.”

Cabrini Health provides healthcare from six clinical sites located across Melbourne and has hundreds of specialists who provide care to their patients. The plan is to progressively deploy additional clinical functionality, including comprehensive emergency department information, diagnostic ordering and discharge information to referring doctors.

Cabrini Health provides the app to doctors for access to patient and clinical information using their own iPads. Worldwide, doctors have embraced the use of mobile technology with over 27 per cent of specialists and GPs owning an iPad or iPhone, five times the rate of the general population, according to US research*.

* 2011 Digital MD Marketing research - The Physicians Consulting Network (PCN®), by Knowledge Networks,

For further information please contact:

For Cabrini Health: Jackie Meiers, Public Relations Manager, 03 9508 1915 or 0419 009 146,

About iSOFT Group:

iSOFT Group Limited (ASX: ISF) is the largest health information technology company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, and among the world’s biggest providers of advanced application solutions in modern healthcare economies.

iSOFT works with healthcare professionals to design and build software applications that answer all of the difficult questions posed by today’s healthcare delivery challenges. Our solutions act as a catalyst for change, supporting free exchange of critical information across diverse care settings and participating organizations.

Today, more than 13,000 provider organizations in over 40 countries use iSOFT’s solutions to manage patient information and drive improvements in their core processes. The group’s sustainable development is delivered through careful planning, in-depth analysis of the market, and anticipation of our clients’ evolving requirements. Our business is driven by the collective talent, experience and commitment of more than 3,300 specialists in 19 countries worldwide.

A global network of iSOFT subsidiaries, supported by an extensive partner network, provides substantial experience of national healthcare markets. As a result, we offer our clients comprehensive knowledge of local market requirements in terms of culture, language, working practices, regulation and organizational structure.

About Cabrini Health

Cabrini Health is the largest Catholic private health service in Victoria provided from seven sites in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Founded in 1948, it is owned by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We have 3800 staff, 160 volunteers, 1300 specialist doctors and 832 inpatient beds. Our services span aged care, cancer care, emergency medicine, maternity services, pediatric services, palliative care, rehabilitation, research and education.


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