You are in Press Releases New Features in Updated Emdat Mobile app Make Medical Transcription Faster and More Convenient

New Features in Updated Emdat Mobile app Make Medical Transcription Faster and More Convenient

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Fitchburg, Wis. – Emdat Inc., a leading provider of web-based medical transcription software, has released an update to its popular Emdat Mobile app in order to make dictating and reviewing transcriptions remotely even easier for medical personnel.

Key updates to the software include:

  •     Adjusted Appointment Sort Order – Patients are now sorted by their full name on the schedule screen, allowing for faster access to the needed file.
  •     Suppress “Save Password” Option – Clients may now prohibit their users from using the “Remember Password” feature based on their security requirements. The “Remember Password” setting is off by default, although the Emdat Help Desk can turn this option on at the client’s request.
  •     Resuming of Uploads – File transfers that are interrupted will be resumed automatically instead of restarting the entire upload. In addition to saving time, this enables Emdat to support uploads of larger dictations.

Launched in summer 2010, the Emdat Mobile app for the iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile devices allows physicians to download appointments, create new dictations for the patients on his or her schedule and review transcriptions wherever they have Internet access. Now used to create thousands of individual transcriptions per month, the app continues to attract a growing number of medical providers. Emdat Mobile, which will have an Android version released this summer, saw a 77 percent increase in users during the first quarter alone.

“We’ve seen a tremendous response to Emdat Mobile from medical practitioners who are busier than ever and need a reliable way to document patient visits on the go,” said Emdat CEO Randy Olver. “From listening to their needs, we created an app that’s even easier and faster to use.” The latest version of Emdat Mobile can be downloaded from the iTunes store.


Emdat, Inc. (, based in Fitchburg, Wis., provides medical facilities and transcription service providers with flexible, seamless and cost-efficient solutions for fully managing medical transcription. Emdat provides one of the world’s leading web-based transcription solutions, serving more than 2,600 medical facilities throughout the United States and a network of hundreds of medical transcription companies around the globe. The company’s Discrete accurate Reportable Transcription (DaRT) solution helps ensure successful adoption of electronic medical records by electronically tagging data within a medical transcription and uploading into the appropriate EMR field.

For more information, please contact:

Colin Hutt


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