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Banbury – 16 May 2011 – iSOFT Group Limited (ASX:ISF) has agreed contracts with Stockport NHS Foundation Trust for its strategic e-prescribing and medicines management (ePMA) solution and follows an agreement to extend its contract for iSOFT’s PatientCentre patient administration system for a further five years. The contracts total up to £2.1 million.

A fully integrated smart component of Stockport’s PatientCentre solution, ePMA will be available across the 700-bed acute trust.

“We undertook a thorough clinical engagement program within the trust to understand the suitability of the software for an acute NHS environment and the benefits that could be delivered clinically and operationally for nursing, pharmacy, medical and management stakeholders,” said Ken Brennan, Director of IM&T at Stockport. “This involved discussions with executives and clinicians in Australia who are established users of iSOFT’s ePMA. With iSOFT’s commitment to working in partnership with the trust, we are confident of delivering tangible benefits to our patients and staff.”

ePMA, which already has an extensive customer base in Australasia, has been adapted to the needs of the NHS. Stockport is the second early adopter for ePMA and will be sharing experiences and best practice with Pennine Acute, which is also implementing the solution.

“It is clear that the software has been designed to support the subtleties and complexities of administering and prescribing medicines within an acute healthcare setting,” said Carole Sparkes, Assistant Director of Nursing. “Providing nurses with guaranteed access to an accurate, real-time and comprehensive medication chart in a similar format to that of an inpatient Kardex, will help to address a great many issues.”

“A web-native solution that has been designed by clinicians for clinicians, ePMA represents a new best-of-breed offering for the UK,” said Adrian Stevens, Managing Director of iSOFT’s UK and Ireland business. “This exemplifies iSOFT’s Smart Solutions strategy in which best-of-breed clinical solutions are seamlessly integrated into an overarching electronic patient record. Initiatives such as these resonate with the innovation agenda that is required if the NHS is going to continue to deliver improving healthcare services within the foreseeable economic climate.”

ePMA will provide an enterprise scale solution covering all of the trust’s acute inpatient specialties, outpatient and discharge medicines and will support aspects, such as complex IVs with patient-based dose calculations based on individual parameters, including results from the trust’s laboratory and other supporting systems.

The software’s reporting and data analysis capabilities will also help the trust to fully understand medicines management patterns and where on-going efficiencies and improvements can be delivered.

For further information contact:

Brian Hemming

Corporate PR Manager

iSOFT Group Limited

t:  +44 1295  274240

m:  +44 7748 920528

e:  brian.hemming@isofthealth.com

About iSOFT Group

iSOFT Group Limited (ASX: ISF) is the largest health information technology company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, and among the world’s biggest providers of advanced application solutions in modern healthcare economies.

iSOFT works with healthcare professionals to design and build software applications that answer all of the difficult questions posed by today’s healthcare delivery challenges. Our solutions act as a catalyst for change, supporting free exchange of critical information across diverse care settings and participating organizations.

Today, more than 13,000 provider organizations in over 40 countries use iSOFT’s solutions to manage patient information and drive improvements in their core processes. The group’s sustainable development is delivered through careful planning, in-depth analysis of the market, and anticipation of our clients’ evolving requirements. Our business is driven by the collective talent, experience and commitment of more than 3,300 specialists in 19 countries worldwide.

A global network of iSOFT subsidiaries, supported by an extensive partner network, provides substantial experience of national healthcare markets. As a result, we offer our clients comprehensive knowledge of local market requirements in terms of culture, language, working practices, regulation and organizational structure. www.isofthealth.com

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