EMC Corporation RSNA 2010 Show Preview.

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EMC Accelerates the Journey to the Private Cloud for Healthcare. At RSNA 2010, EMC Corporation (Booth #5824) will showcase innovative solutions and technologies that Accelerate the Journey to the Private Cloud for Healthcare. As healthcare providers face increasing volumes of sensitive patient information, their clinical and business applications must be fully integrated with highly available, efficient, secure, and virtualized information infrastructure. EMC’s Private Cloud strategy and leading healthcare solutions enable providers to simply and efficiently utilize information to make more informed clinical, operational, and financial decisions.

There are three distinct phases on Healthcare Provider’s Journey to the Private Cloud:

RSNA-2010-Radiological Society of North America annual meeting

At RSNA 2010, EMC will feature information on the following three areas related to the Private Cloud:

Accelerating EHR Adoption – EMC offers innovative solutions that enable healthcare providers to optimize care, reduce cost, and increase productivity through the accelerated adoption of EHR.

  • Document Imaging for Medical Records Solution transforms patient medical records from paper to indexed electronic data records and delivers them directly into your Health Information Management (HIM) or Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. This helps speed the adoption of an electronic care process, eliminating the need for manual data entry. 
  • Virtual Patient Information Repository Solution expands on the document imaging of paper-based medical records enabling you to leverage all unstructured patient data – content, paper, medical email, faxes, videos, audio, etc – utilizing a comprehensive centralized platform with all of the processes and reporting necessary to be successful.

Managing Risk and Compliance – EMC provides efficient, convenient and secure enrollment and authentication to Patient Portals, enhancing compliance and mitigating online data breaches.

  • RSA Secure Web Access for Patient and Provider Portals Solution secures the exchange of protected health information via web applications across diverse environments by creating a centralized security service with the ability to enroll new users, authenticate with the appropriate level of security, authorize access and create a centrally managed audit log.

Vendor Neutral Archive – EMC’s leading archive imagining technology improves operational efficiency through DICOM federation and allows for universal viewing through the EHR.

  • Atmos Vendor Neutral Archive Solution provides transparency of applications from infrastructure making it possible to quickly change either based on your needs. Through a strict adherence to IHE industry standards the Atmos VNA solution scales from the smallest imaging center to the largest Petabyte scale hospital network.

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