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You are in Press Releases Laurel Bridge releases its Compass v2.1 DICOM Store and Forward Routing application.

Laurel Bridge releases its Compass v2.1 DICOM Store and Forward Routing application.

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Laurel Bridge Software released a new version of Compass™, its sophisticated, rules-based DICOM Store and Forward Routing application for DICOM store jobs.

Compass was enhanced to include a custom transfer protocol, Throughput Optimization Protocol Service (TOPS), to transmit DICOM images over the internet or wide area network in an efficient, and optionally secure (SSL), fashion. Compass functionality includes:

  •  Allows the user to route, replicate, monitor, and optionally alter DICOM store jobs, based upon user-defined schedules and rules;
  •  Easily route DICOM store jobs from point A to point B using its powerful routing rules. Benchmark test results on a standard desktop computer with a representative sample of hospital image data showed a throughput of 750 studiers per hour, or 18,000 studies per day. If deployed with higher performance hardware, additional throughput should be realized.
  •  Facilitate the interconnection of otherwise incompatible devices by applying custom filters;
  •  Permits configuration for multiple sources and multiple destinations;
  •  Simplify modality management: store to Compass, which can then selectively store the data to one or more pre‐defined destinations;
  •  Schedule store jobs to be forwarded at times that make sense for your business needs;
  •  Provides for importation and exportation of configuration rules so multiple versions of Compass can quickly and efficiently be configured similarly;
  •  Provides for the aggregation/combination of studies sent from multiple associations into a single DICOM association;
  • Compass features:  Windows Service. Compass starts automatically with the computer.  The user interface is used independent of the service to review imaging routing states, process logs and configure rules.
  •  AE Title Pass-Through: Compass supports the “pass-through” of AE titles from the source to the routed destination.
  • “STAT” Jobs: Compass supports “stat” rules which allows for priority routing of specific jobs.
  •  Notifications: Compass provides email notifications for job failures or low-disk space.
  •  Hold Queue: Compass can route images into a local “hold queue” to support manual routing or deleting of certain images.
  •  Enhanced Logging & Reporting: Descriptive and informative log entries and condition reporting, with verbose logging available on a per-source and/or per-destination basis.
  •  User Interface: The main interface provides patient/study demographic data to help manage the flow of studies through Compass. The display is easily customized to show exactly what is needed. Compass also maintains “sent” jobs for a period of time to allow easy tracking of your studies or to perform resends if necessary. The interface also supports a simple, yet robust filtering mechanism to allow you to quickly find information of interest. These filters can then be saved to streamline your workflow in the future.
  •  Inbound Association History: Easily view a history of all incoming associations and their state from within the Compass interface.
  •  Filter Changes: Filters are available on a per-source or per-destination basis, allowing a particular device to be targeted for tag morphing.
  •  Throughput Optimized Protocol Service (TOPS): When sending images from one Compass router to another Compass router, the custom protocol can be used that greatly enhances throughput, especially on slower networks. The custom protocol also allows interrupted jobs to pick up where they left off, instead of sending the entire study again. This custom protocol can optionally be sent over an SSL connection, negating the need for a VPN connection. Benchmark test results indicated a five (5) to eleven (11) times improvement using TOPS versus using standard DICOM communication.

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