You are in Press Releases Siemens Healthcare Installs Multiple Imaging Systems At Barts Cancer Centre.

Siemens Healthcare Installs Multiple Imaging Systems At Barts Cancer Centre.

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The first phase of the redevelopment of St. Bartholomew’s (Barts) Hospital has recently been completed as part of a 35 Siemens_PRyear PFI Project, which includes a Managed Equipment Service (MES) partnership between Barts and The London NHS Trust and Siemens Healthcare.  As part of the project, Siemens has installed eleven new imaging systems into the new Imaging and Diagnostics Department located within Barts Cancer Centre.

The MES partnership with Barts and The London NHS Trust means that Siemens is responsible for the maintenance, supply and ongoing replacement of all imaging equipment until 2045.  The partnership assists with the selection and installation of equipment, along with the training of hospital staff and ongoing equipment maintenance in the new centre, which brings together several departments in one location on the site for the first time. “The Imaging and Diagnostics Department opened on the exact day we planned four years ago, which was a real team effort and highlights the key contribution of the MES team throughout,” said Mark Viner, Senior Clinical Commissioning Coordinator at Barts and The London NHS Trust. He added “Having the equipment in one location on the site is logistically much better for the Trust as patient management will be easier.  Patients can now have all of their imaging examinations in one place, rather than having to navigate around the site.  We also expect management time to be released in the future when the equipment replacement program kicks-in as there will be much less pressure as equipment will be automatically replaced without the need to write a new business case every time.”

“Our relationship with Barts and The London NHS Trust is very much a partnership where we seek to remove equipment concerns and allow clinicians to focus on ensuring that patients get the highest possible standard of care,” said Alex Byrne, Senior Project Manager for Barts Service Realisation Project at Siemens Healthcare, adding  “As healthcare targets and budget management become more challenging, MES offers a secure investment approach.” The Siemens equipment chosen by the Trust and installed in the new imaging department includes an Artis zee™ Multipurpose, an Artis zee™ ceiling mounted interventional angiography system and two Ysio wi-D™ direct Digital Radiography (DR) systems, one with a single detector and the other a dual detector.  An Aristos™ MX Digital Radiography (DR) system, a Dual Energy SOMATOM® Definition AS+ CT scanner and a 64 slice SOMATOM® Definition AS have also been installed. An ACUSON X300™ and an ACUSON S2000™ have also been installed in a separate ultrasound room in the department.

The Artis zee ceiling mounted system is particularly significant for the hospital as it will allow procedures to be carried out that could not be done previously such as biopsies. The two CT systems are also being shared with a research team who are beginning to use them for clinical cancer trials. Training is ongoing across all the systems, which are being used for general purpose scanning but once complete, the hospital is considering bringing in new lists. “The systems are very easy-to-use and particularly user friendly with skills transferable across equipment modality,” said David Brown, Senior Diagnostic Radiographer at Barts. He continued “The image quality provided is also a big benefit as we are able to view images at a magnified level, meaning repeats being required are reduced.  Siemens staff are always on hand to offer support and everything has gone very well.”

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