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MRS Ranks as Top Information System in Women’s Imaging by KLAS

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Synopsis MRS is ranked the best information system in womens imaging by KLAS

MRS (Mammography Reporting System Inc.), a leading carrier of patient tracking and procedure reporting software for all breast related processes, has garnered top billing in the Mammography Information Systems (MIS) retail section in the recently published KLAS report called "Women's Imaging 2013: Measuring the Options." The report itself is a separate examination of all the latest industry trends and developments among major competitors collected by KLAS, which is an autonomous reasearch firm, renowned in the healthcare world.

In the report, KLAS depicts MRS as a, "leader of the MIS market with solid performance. Reporting is touted as fantastic, including MQSA, critical results, and clinical reports. Flexible, robust functionality for mammography-specific functions and regulatory requirements. Tracking patients for follow-up procedures and yearly screenings is easy with MRS."

In accordance with this description, the report also features several positive critiques of the product by current users. As one user commented , "MRS is a very strong company that gives us excellent service. They are small, so we get a lot of attention."

While another user said , "We have had some pressure to switch, but there has been much resistance on our end because we love MRS."

Furthermore, the MRS also appears in the key finding segment as the report notes, "MRS Increases Performance Gap- Overall, women's imaging providers prefer using a dedicated MIS over a RIS for mammography. MRS is the strongest performer with v.7 adding new functionality." The MRS was given an overall score of 8.1 outperforming its counterpart and competitor, RIS, which received an overall score of 7.3. Therefore, most women's imaging providers select a trusted and highly recommended MRS system over a RIS for mammography.

"We are gratified to see an independent research firm with the stature of KLAS validate what we have been hearing from our customers: that MRS7 is an outstanding product with a great feature set for breast imaging facilities. Our entire team in Washington, Oregon, and North Carolina is proud that their hard work has increased the Performance Gap in 2013, as reflected in the KLAS ranking," said President/CEO of Mammography Reporting System, Inc., Mark Morris.

The MRS is one of the most widely known and used tracking and reporting system technology for breast associated practices, including mammography, MRI, ultrasound, and nuclear imaging. MRS centers and revolves around its patients, as the system encourages and strives toward proficiency and effectiveness in any work venture by offering options such as automated patient lay letters, problem case tracking, and statistical risk models that help optimize work-flows and contribute to quality patient care. With over 25 years of experience in the field, MRS is known to consistently reinvent and further its products to better suit customer needs and concerns.

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