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Montage Healthcare and Mammography Reporting Systems Partner to Enrich Mammography Quality Efforts

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Philadelphia, PA and Seattle, WA, February12, 2013(PRNewswire)- Montage Healthcare Solutions, a provider of search-driven Radiology clinical quality analytics tools, and Mammography Reporting Systems (MRS), a provider of breast imaging,procedure reporting, patient tracking and risk assessment tools, have announced a partnership that will provide Montage’s analytics tool to MRS customers, as well as enable MRS to resell the Montage Search and AnalyticsTM solution.

Montage Healthcare and Mammography Reporting Systems Partner toEnrich Mammography Quality EffortsMRS users can now utilize the Montage search-driven capability to mine the structured and unstructured clinical information stored in the MRS system. Mammography quality improvement efforts will benefit by the ability to correlate the rich mammography specific clinical data with related clinical findings. A radiologist using Montage to uncover clinical information that aids diagnosis will benefit from access to historical report information, as will clinical quality managers looking to understand the relationship between imaging protocols, clinical findings, therapy and outcomes.

Breast imaging already receives a significant clinical quality scrutiny, because of the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MSQA). Including Montage data mining and analysis, to existing MRS capabilities, provides caregivers exciting opportunities to further enhance breast imaging quality across the imaging modality spectrum,” says William Boonn, MD, President of Montage Healthcare Solutions. “We are excited to partner with MRS, an industry leader in the field of breast imaging quality management and reporting.”MRS currently provides numerous breast imaging specific reporting, quality assurance and risk management tools that help facilities meet stringent MSQA and ACR accreditation standards. “We recognized that Montage Healthcare shares the vision of not only MRS but also our customers for continuous clinical quality improvement, whether mandated or not,” says Mark P. Morris, CEO at Mammography Reporting Systems. “We feel strongly that our partnership will enable our customers to more comprehensively manage their clinical quality improvement efforts, through not only the existing MRS database reporting functions but also the sophisticated analysis tools Montage has developed.”

About Montage Healthcare Solutions

Montage Search and Analytics™ is a leading software solution for healthcare data mining and performance measurement in Radiology. Montage technology enables practice leaders, clinicians, researchers, and educators to search the radiology information system (RIS) and electronic medical record (EMR) for key business and clinical data. In addition, proprietary data mining techniques allow for sophisticated and customizable marketing, quality, business, and billing/coding analytics, which can measure and enhance business performance and provide clinical decision support.

About Mammography Reporting Systems

Mammography Reporting System (MRS) is the most widely used tracking & reporting system in the world for all breast-related procedures, including mammography, MRI, Ultrasound, and nuclear imaging. MRS is a patient-oriented system that promotes efficiency and effectiveness in any workflow by offering features such as automated patient lay letters, problem case tracking, and statistical risk models that help optimize work-flows and contribute to quality patient care.  MRS’s success is based largely on an unparalleled patient communication package and accurate calculations of statistical reports. With over 25 years in business, MRS is constantly innovating and improving its products in order to better service the needs of customers and their facilities.

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