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MRS Expanded Its Breast Health Portfolio with Compass, computer-aided Breast MRI Software

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Women's imaging news Seattle, WA, September 10, 2012 – MRS, leader in tracking and reporting for breast-related procedures, expands its breast health software portfolio with the Compass computer-aided analysis software application for improved efficiency and economics in breast MRI. Compass, now used by an ever-growing number of breast imaging programs nationwide, delivers real-time visualization and flexibility providing radiologists with the time-sensitive information needed to maximize productivity when interpreting and reporting complex studies. With Compass, upgrades and award-winning product support are included.

"Prior to integrating Compass, our facility was using a another system for analysis and visualization of breast MRI studies that was expensive and lacked comprehensive customer support,” said Larry Herbert, MD, Billings Clinic in Billings, MT. “Compass delivers all the essential features we need to efficiently and economically get through these complex studies.  Compass is accompanied by exceptional customer support."

Compass Delivers:

  •    A software only solution with all the computer-aided analysis features
  •     Enhanced workflow with studies ready to read in seconds
  •     A reliable way to process all of your studies – no "failures to process"
  •     An easy to use, intuitive user interface which requires no on-site "super user"
  •     Real-time, dynamic threshold setting and peak series adjustment that allows for no downtime while study is reprocessed
  •     Easy installation; Compass software can be loaded on any PC meeting minimum specifications

As a cost-effective computer-aided analysis breast MRI application, Compass features include image registration, subtractions, multiplanar reformatting, MIPs, Angiogenesis Maps and curves, volume analysis and customizable hanging layouts. Learn more about Compass at

“We are pleased to add Compass for breast MRI to MRS’ available line of breast health software solutions. Compass allows our customers to economically enhance their patient management workflow,” said Mark Morris, President and CEO, MRS. “Compass was designed to address a need in the market for a breast MRI analysis application that offers flexibility and the desired features at an appealing price point.”

About MRS

With over 25 years in business, MRS has earned the trust of the radiology community. MRS works side by side with radiologists, technologists, administrators, and medical transcriptionists to ensure their programs continue to meet and exceed the needs of breast care facilities, large and small. MRS systems deliver proven performance in academic, fixed-site, remote-site, and mobile mammography settings. Learn more about MRS at

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