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Women in Toronto Undergo Mammography with the Lowest Possible Dose

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Thanks to Trillium Radiology Associates,  micordose mammography system will soon be available in Canada.

Four of Trillium Imaging Associates' Clinics will be offering Canadian women mammography screening at only half the radiation dose of North America and with the same image quality.

Trillium Radiology Associates, an operator of private diagnostic imaging facilities in Toronto and Mississauga, invested in four digital mammography systems from Sectra, the IT and medical technology company. Sectra's unique photon counting mammography system, Sectra MicroDose Mammography, was sold by Xtron Imaging Inc., Sectra's new distribution partner for Canada.

"This is the first MicroDose order in North America. It will serve as an important reference for all of North America as well as being a first step into the highly quality-oriented Canadian healthcare market, in which women are very aware of their rights and well-being," says Jesper Soderqvist, President of Sectra's mammography operations.

It is worth mentioning here that, most of the mammography systems in Canada are analog and with an increasing need for digital mammography systems, Sectra MicroDose Mammography will be the ideal of all of the systems offered in the market. It is now installed in 18 European countries, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and waiting for FDA approval to invade the US market.

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