You are in PORTALS PACS A new Tele-medicine system serves healthcare members and patients at Bayman Province

A new Tele-medicine system serves healthcare members and patients at Bayman Province

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A Tele-medicine system was installed at a hospital in Bamyan Province, central Afghanistan. The system is allowing the hospital to be linked with the French Medical Institute for Children (FMIC) in Kabul. Moreover, it will permit Tele-radiology, Tele-conferencing and other several medical services.

Aga Khan Health Services (AKHS) and Roshan Telecom presented the launch of the system in the hospital.  aga_khanMattew Rodieck, Bamyan hospital manager, said “The tele-radiology allows us to electronically send a digital scan of an X-ray to an expert in FMIC in Kabul and receive the interpretation and expertise quickly, instead of sending the patient with his/her film to Kabul,”

Healthcare members from Bamyan hospital will have several advantages offered by the Tele-medicine system s roshanwell, they will be included in training and even exchange of information with professionals in Kabul for diagnostic purposes. This will be carried out using live Tele-conference and Tele-consultation meetings. Moreover, the system will help patients by saving costs and time since there will be no need to go to Kabul have their diseases diagnosed. “Instead of sending staff for a two-hour training session in Kabul we electronically link the trainees in Bamyan with the trainers in Kabul,” Rodieck added. During the first month of application of the new system, about 20 scans were transferred and reviewed between the FMIC in Kabul and the Bamyan hospital.

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