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Web-Based PACS Turns PCs into Image-Processing Workstations

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A new picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is a highly multifaceted and readable web-centered system that grants access to medical images throughout the enterprise for faster diagnosis, reporting, storing, and distribution of clinical records and data.

Shina Systems (Caesarea, Israel), is a manufacturer of clinical image management, visualization, and analysis software recently installed and released in the

3di-pacs-solution new version of its 3Di PACS. 3Di PACS is a revolutionary platform that permits and helps healthcare providers, physicians, and most importantly patients to view medical images from anywhere from diagnostic image reading and interpretation, to perceptive viewing of images on a personal health record.

The 3DI PACs web interface gives way to managing studies and physician work lists through a fully featured, zero-footprint two-dimensional (2D)/3D web-based viewer. The 3Di PACS system is an enhanced diagnostic PACS viewer for reading and interpreting 2D, 3D, and 4D (sequence) studies using therapeutic high-speedstreaming technology, multimonitor support, and advanced hanging protocol (HP).

With this new release of 3Di PACS, physicians, patients, and other users on a global scale will be able to use an intuitive diagnostic viewing technology that can accessed instantaneously from any web browser.

The updated version includes a broader range of interaction features, such as volume-rendering tools, rule-based HP definition, and selection, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved mammography reading tools, easy-to-use magnetic resonance (MR) spine-labeling, integrated reporting, and integration with other hospital information systems.

The release of this new version comes after an evaluation period in specific live sites worldwide, in which the software was utilized as the main PACS. The overall experience and feedback offered by these test sites were then put into effect with the new and most current version of 3Di PACS.

3Di workstation is an highly developed multimodality viewing and analysis software program, which stretches over a wider range of clinical needs, including an autosegmentation cardiac computed tomography (CT) analysis tool, CT colonoscopy, and positron emission tomography (PET)-CT fusion.This release is part of the 3Di product selection, including newer versions of the 3Di Cloud software and 3Di workstation. 3Di Cloud is a lucrative, cloud-based image management and visualization software set, which adapts any Internet-connected personal computer (PC) into a full-fledged, complete image-processing workstation.

Shina Systems manufactures and sells clinical image management and analysis application softwares. The company achieved its market value through its curative means, automated image segmentation tools and its discerning, clinician-friendly application workflow.

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