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You are in PORTALS PACS CARESTREAM PACS Improves Services At Adama Grucy Orthopedic Hospital In Poland.

CARESTREAM PACS Improves Services At Adama Grucy Orthopedic Hospital In Poland.

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PACS_imageCARESTREAM Healthcare, a major company providing healthcare IT solutions, installed its CARESTREAM PACS solution at the Independent Clinical Hospital Adama Grucy, The Medical Center for Postgraduate Education in Otwock, Poland. The solution was implemented three years ago. Since then, Carestream PACS solution has significantly aided the hospital in improving the level of its offered orthopedic services.

Slawomir Chaberek, Director of the Technical Department at Adama Grucy Hospital, commented "Our main reason for choosing the PACS from Carestream Health was its high functionality and intuitive user platform. We continue to believe that this was a good choice because the system has worked well for 3 years without major problems," Doctors at the hospital also expressed their appreciation to the role CARESTREAM PACS has been providing. Currently, Adama Grucy Hospital is using the latest version, 11, of CARESTREAM PACS. The version includes 3D reconstruction capabilities and ORTHOVIEW™ Orthopedic Digital Imaging system that allows surgeons the ability to scrutinize results to be sure that they make the correct decisions before performing surgical procedures. Chaberek explained "The system is operating well and is easy to use, the high functionality and collaboration with other systems and devices is its trump card and attention should be drawn to its ability to plan orthopedic prostheses supported by the OrthoView System - very useful tools in the work of our orthopedists," Moreover, CARESTREAM PACS permits doctors to share the results of a certain study between doctors in several locations. Chaberek added "Our team can now perform research and consultations in far less time. Whilst I believe that all digital radiography systems are based on the same principles of operation and all systems have similar functionality, Carestream definitely offers the greatest functionality, simultaneously providing the most user friendly interface."

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