Penalties For Doctors Not Encrypting Patient's E-mails

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According to a new law, activated in February, doctors will have to face new penalties when sending e-mails, jumblemewithout encrypting, that involve patient information. The new law means that when a doctor is giving answers or medical advices to a patient via an e-mail, he is going to break the law unless he makes sure about encrypting the e-mail. The penalties and fines are so high that they can reach $1.5 million in a single year.

It is a fact that a lot of medical professionals are still unaware of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act.  According to this law, giving answers to a patient's request for a test result, by using unsecured e-mail, is a violation. Several other acts are also included as violations such as updating the status of a patient using an unsecured e-mail, in addition to sending an unsecured e-mail including health-related information. However, Dr. Greg Hill, M.D was able to develop a free solution that offers compliance with the new law's conditions, JumbleMe, free software that offers encryption of e-mails and other electronically transferred information. JumbleMe is protecting electronic information from penalties that would surely affect medical operations. The encryption secures e-mails and attachments regardless of the way they are sent, this means via Internet or smartphones.

JumbleMe has a number of features that confirms the security of e-mails. Among them is that JumbleMe offers medical professionals to encrypt e-mail using a password, so the intended recipient only can enter the password and then read the message. Another feature is the limitation of the number of times of reading an e-mail by setting and expiration date, when that date come, the e-mail will disappear. Moreover, JumbleMe follows all HIPAA and HITECH Act requirements so that both e-mails and the doctors sending them are under protection. Dr. Hill said "As a doctor, I am just giving back to my peers," he added "This law impacts everyone in the medical field and finding a solution that helps us all seemed the right thing to do."

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