The Economist discusses IT role in healthcare industry

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The Economist, a leading economical magazine, had an article discussing the role of information economisttechnology (IT) in improving healthcare service level. The article said "the potential of wireless gadgets to improve healthcare, and to ensure more personalized treatment in particular. Pundits have long predicted that advances in genetics will usher in a golden age of individually tailored therapies. But in fact it is much lower-tech wireless devices and internet-based health software that are precipitating the mass customization of healthcare, and creating entirely new business models in the process."

The Economist added that among these new technologies were smart-phones, the article said that they "will empower patients and doctors, and thus improve outcomes while cutting costs. The near ubiquity of mobile phones is the chief reason to think this optimistic scenario may come true. Patients with fancy smart-phones can certainly benefit from interactive 'wellness' applications that track diet, exercise and vital signs"

On the other hand, Bangor Daily News, a major newspaper taking place in Maine, made another report discussing the role of information technology in healthcare industry in Maine, United States. The article said that IT can be used "to promote effective care, reduce medical errors, and hold down the cost of healthcare services. The expansion of health information technology ... has recently drawn more than $10 million in federal funding into Maine." The article added that last year, Maine "provided a modest financial incentive for its roughly 40,400 employees to seek healthcare services from one healthcare institution over another based on clinical, safety and patient satisfaction data," and "it didn't take long for the sanction to have its desired effect. Within months, the unidentified second-tier provider had improved its performance and state employees no longer had to consult their pocketbooks about where to get their health needs met"

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