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OnePartner and MobileMD Collaborate for Health Information Exchange

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A new agreement has been revealed between OnePartner, LLC and MobileMD, Inc. According to the agreement, MobileMD was selected by OnePartner for the Health Information Exchange (HIE) component of innovative, cost effective and rapidly deployed Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution.

OnePartner has developed a health information technology ecosystem, called "onepartner eco," entirely packaged and delivered to bring forward meaningful EHR adoption within the ambulatory physician community.

Onepartner eco allows subscribing physicians to choose from a menu EHR products, including Allscripts, GreenWay and others, with each system hosted in OnePartner's Advanced Technology & Applications Center (ATAC) data center in Duffield, Virginia. The MobileMD HIE serves as the communications hub for each of the EHR instances, connecting users in a seamless information delivery network and establishing an on-ramp to external information exchange networks, managed by OnePartner and MobileMD.

According to a press release, Tom Deaderick, director of OnePartner, LLC announced the selection of MobileMD 4D HIE for incorporation into the Onepartner eco solution. He added that, selecting the right EHR system for a practice is important, as is successfully navigating the initial implementation phase, but an EHR system that is not connected to the community of referral and care partners, hospitals and laboratories will fail to improve quality or reduce duplication and inefficiency and even within the government's definition of Meaningful Use of EHR we can see that HIE is a required ingredient of success. Deaderick added that the genesis of EHR ecosystem cloud, onepartner eco, is the importance of a connected EHR system – a complete ecosystem.

Chris Voigt, MobileMD's vice president of corporate development said that OnePartner's ecosystem offers doctors a simple, secure, connected platform for its entire subscribers’ needs, while avoiding operational risk and vendor lock-in, and its 4D HIE serves as a foundation for the ecosystem, allowing full integration of records for patient transfers and shared records.

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