GE Healthcare Case of Omniscan is Over

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OmniscanGE Healthcare reports its settlement in a libel lawsuit over statements made about the side effects of Omniscan, an MRI contrast agent that has been linked to nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF), a severe and debilitating injury.

Both GE Healthcare and Henrik Thomsen, Professor of Radiology, made conciliatory statements last week.

Thomsen was warning against potential risks with Omniscan after noticed that 20 of his patients were suffering from NSF, which causes a hardening and thickening of the skin and other tissue throughout the body, severely restricting movement.

According to a press release by GE Healthcare, the two parties went under a series of misunderstanding after GE turns to courts.

Thomsen pointed out My purpose was to share with fellow clinicians and healthcare professionals my experience in managing a serious problem at our hospital where we found 20 patients suffering from NSF."

While GE Healthcare states It was not the intention of GE Healthcare by bringing proceedings for libel against Professor Thomsen to stifle academic debate.

However, Omniscan has been associated with the most cases of NSF, outnumbering the other drugs in proportions that far exceed their market share. For GE’s contrast agent, it only accounts for about 30% of the market share.

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