Dicom Systems Shows Up Practical Feature for Software

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DCMSYS deviceDicom Systems will reveal the latest addition to the DCMSYS product family at the upcoming 2010 Annual HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) Conference & Exhibition.

The latest addition for Dicom Systemís leading DICOM/HL7 router will allow users to setup HIPPA-compliant secure virtual routes on a physical DCMSYS device. It asserts improving flexibility and IHE workflow ensuring interoperability within Teleradiology and allowing users to SaaS model on an entirely new scale.

Furthermore, storage will enable radiology IT personal to operate out of a single DCMSYS device and manage the entire Enterprise radiology network; address interoperability issues when managing a multitude of clients; and run ASP dicom business.

Practically, this innovation will separate DICOM and HL7 rules, configuration and storages, and will serve to further integrate the processes of their systems, allowing for ever better communication across healthcare enterprises with associated improved outcomes for patient care.

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