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Montage Healthcare To Acquire iVirtuoso, Yottalook Radiology Search Engine Owner.

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Healthcare IT newsMontage Healthcare Solutions, Inc. a privately-held provider of enterprise search and radiology performance analytics systems, announced that it has plans to acquire iVirtuoso, Inc. the company owning Yottalook, which is one of the main and well-known radiology and diagnostic imaging search engines. Yottalook is also the solution providing search engine service to the website of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). The announced acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of 2010.

According to Bill Boonn, M.D., Montage’s President, the acquisition will result in providing users with new options such as the capability of searching their own libraries containing reports of radiology and pathology. The users are also going to be able to carry out external and analogous internet-based searches. Dr. Boonn said "We are extremely pleased to bring the ease and power of Yottalook's free, external search capabilities together with Montage's ability to query both radiology and pathology information systems,"

Moreover, radiologists are going to be able to search, easily and rapidly, for highly-accurate and dependable results for their questions inside or outside their organization’s data bases. They will also be able to compare between findings and options for clinical decision support and radiology business management. Khan Siddiqui, MD, cofounder and former principal at iVirtuoso, said "Yottalook users will see no change in their free, Internet search capabilities. Merging with Montage is the natural, next step for Yottalook," Curt Langlotz, M.D. PhD, Principal, Montage, commented "Montage is committed to keeping Yottalook a free and trusted source of radiology-focused internet search. We believe that Yottalook users, who value internet search for decision support, will be attracted to Montage's search and analytic tools to unlock their internal practice data as another powerful source of decision support."

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