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Americans Are Concerned About Privacy Of Their Personal Health Information.

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healthcare IT newsA recent online survey conducted by Patient Privacy Rights, the nation's health privacy watchdog, and Utica, N.Y. based Zogby International, to identify people's views on privacy, access to health information, and health information technology (health IT). The survey involved more than 2,000 adults most of them preferred the individual choice and control over personal health information (PHI).

Consent is a must for health information disclosure.

The survey found that approximately 97 % of Americans believe that physicians, hospitals, labs, and health technology systems should not be allowed to share or sell their sensitive health information without consent. In addition, insurance companies also should not have access to electronic health records (EHR) without permission. About 98 % refuse insurance companies sharing or selling health information without consent.

It was found also that 91 % of Americans want to have the right to select which individual people can view and use their health information. Americans are not just concerned about institutions snooping in their medical data, but also about researchers, curious employees, and people with bad intentions, such as an ex-spouse or abusive partner.

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